“Give Bail To Undertrials, Or We Will”: Supreme Court To Up, High Court

The seat of Justices SK Kaul and MM Sundresh said the Uttar Pradesh government and Allahabad High Court were “not being touchy”

Cautioning of a sweeping bail request, the Supreme Court has pulled up the Uttar Pradesh government for not doing whatever it may take to deliver undertrial detainees imprisoned for over 10 years in spite of a top court request.

The court likewise descended firmly on the Allahabad High Court for not concluding the bail petitions speedily.

The seat of Justices SK Kaul and MM Sundresh yesterday said the state government and the high court were “not being delicate” and added that it was ready to “take the weight” and choose the cases without anyone else. The court cautioned that it “will pass a sweeping request giving bail”.

The solid perceptions came as the court was hearing a bail request by one Suleman, an undertrial who has been in prison for 12 years at this point. He moved the top court after no high court seat was accessible to hear his allure.

In his request, he has said that numerous undertrials had been moping in jail for north of 15 years without bail.

Give bail to undertrials, or we will make it happen. In the event that you can’t deal with it, then we will. There is an issue with both the high court and the state. You can’t put these individuals in the slammer endlessly,” the top court said, taking note of that 853 undertrials have been in the state’s correctional facilities for more than 10 years.

The court has now guided the Uttar Pradesh government to submit subtleties of these undertrials in about fourteen days. The matter will be heard next on August 17.

The court alluded to a report documented by the senior recorder of the great court on individuals imprisoned for over 15 years, and somewhere in the range of 10 and 14 years. “Apparently 62 bail applications are still to be discarded and are to be recorded in the following 2-3 weeks. 232 ensuing new bail applications have been recorded during this period from April 22, 2022 to July 17, 2022 where no bail was applied already,” it said.


The Supreme Court on May 9 said that each of the one-time wrongdoers who have spent over 10 years in prison ought to be allowed bail and asked the Allahabad High Court to conclude their requests quickly by clubbing them. “Having set down standards, it shouldn’t require a long time to discard these applications,” it said.