Realme Buds Air 3 Review: Should You Spend Rs 3,999 On This Tws Earbuds From Realme?

The Realme Buds Air 3 seem to be an excellent arrangement of TWS earbuds for Rs 3,999. They offer premium highlights, and have a decent plan, however would they say they are any great concerning genuine utilization?

Find out in our audit.

Realme is apparently the most dynamic brand in the Indian market. The organization has been reliably sending off new cell phones pretty much consistently week, alongside different adornments and machines (distraught work rate). One of the many send-offs this year have been the Realme Buds Air 3 that are the organization’s most recent arrangement of TWS earbuds, in-accordance with the organization’s picture of giving premium highlights at an early afternoon premium cost.

Realme Buds Air 3 were sent off in India at Rs 3,999 and offer highlights like Active Noise Cancellation, contact controls, water opposition, and that’s just the beginning. The earbuds were sent off in two tones and arrive in an oval-molded charging case. I have been utilizing the Realme Buds Air 3 since the most recent a little while and in this article, I will listen for a minute I like about the gadget, what I could do without, and assuming you ought to spend your Rs 3,999 on the Realme Buds Air 3.


Plan wise, Realme Buds Air 3 have a pill or oval-formed charging case and the buds have a round earpiece with a stem. Realme sent me an altered pair with my name ‘Darab’ composed on it. We got the white variety model. Here, the earbuds have a standing out silver originate from the earpiece staying white. The Realme Buds Air 3 earbuds accompany silicone ear tips that are more agreeable for longer use and seal the external commotion well.

As far as plan, the Realme Buds Air 3 look pretty decent. The shape and size of the case is great and fits effectively in any pocket. The white tone, be that as it may, is really lustrous and will scratch without any problem. The earbuds additionally have a decent shape that is agreeable and great searches in your ears. There is a ‘Realme’ name on the top that additionally looks pretty cool with a 3D glass-like completion.


As far as highlights, the Realme Buds Air 3 offers a ton at their cost. The headphones accompany 10mm drivers and dynamic commotion retraction up to 42db, making it the most remarkable clamor abrogation on any Realme headphones up until this point.

As far as sound quality, the Realme Buds Air 3 sound very great. The sound is bass-weighty, which is liked by a larger number of people, yet the mids and highs are likewise clear. The sound may not sound as refined as a leader level earbud, yet it is exceptionally clear and most clients will like it. It is rich and it has bass, which is what most clients request.

The dynamic clamor dropping likewise functions admirably and the earbuds do an awesome work in separating outside commotion. Essentially, the straightforward mode likewise turns out totally great and keeps you very much aware of your environmental factors, even while paying attention to music at a boisterous volumes. The earbuds are missing in-fabricated Dolby sound, yet on the off chance that your gadget or music application support them, the Realme Buds Air 3 will work with Dolby sound.

The touch controls on the Realme Buds Air 3 are likewise very great and simple to figure. A long push on the right bud will switch among ANC and straightforward mode, a long push on both the buds will switch among typical and game mode, and twofold tap on the right earbud will play/stop music and end/get calls. The Realme Buds Air 3, nonetheless, don’t have contact controls for volume, which is a bummer.


Battery duration on the Realme Buds Air 3 is likewise generally excellent. All through my utilization, the earbuds continually allowed me a few hours of playback time, even with dynamic commotion abrogation turned on. The case, all through my very nearly 20-day utilization, simply should have been charged two times, which is perfect. I utilized the Realme Buds Air 3 for no less than 3 or 4 hours during day for music, video calls, gatherings, and more errands, and the earbuds still endured extremely lengthy. The case, even with a 30 percent battery, re-energized the buds two times from under 50% to full during my use. This, in everybody’s books, is incredible battery reinforcement. The charging is additionally speedy and charging the Realme Buds Air 3 for a couple of moments will provide you with two or three days’ utilization.


The Realme Buds Air 3 are an awesome arrangement of TWS earbuds for Rs 3,999. They offer premium elements, an incredible sound quality, and an excellent plan. The headphones are additionally solid and are made of fair quality materials, meaning it will endure with you for a long while. There are little issues like the white case scratching too effectively or the absence of volume controls, yet for a Rs 3,999 spending plan, the Realme Buds Air 3 are one of the most mind-blowing TWS earbuds you can get in India presently.